#43: Crazy Arms

Try this tricky business: Stand in a doorjamb with your arms out at your sides. Push the tops of your hands against the doorjamb. Push as hard as you can for about thirty seconds. It has to be for a long time, otherwise it won't work. Step out of the doorjamb and relax your arms. They should feel like they are going to lift up all by themselves!

This activity promotes motor control and ability exploration.


#42: Tell Jokes

Now that the It's All Kid's Play website is up, pop over and check out the jokes. Share them with a friend and laugh until your cheeks and stomach hurt. :)

This activity promotes people and humour skills.


#41: Speed Read

How fast can you read? A page in two minutes, one minute, thirty seconds?

The more you read, the faster you'll get.

This activity promotes the development of literacy skills.


#40: Apple Bear

You can have as many players as you want, but 2-5 is a good number.

Start with ‘A’. The first player says a word that starts with A, then next player repeats it plus adds something that starts with the letter B, and on and on until the players are through the alphabet.

The trick is for each player to get through the alphabet without forgetting the growing list.

This activity promotes the development of memory skills as well as letter and word association.


#39: Dress in Your Favourite Colour

What's your favourite colour? Try and dress in only your favourite colour today.

This activity promotes visual/colour awareness.

It's All Kid's Play Website

The It's All Kid's Play website is now up! Tell your friends, tell your neighbours and definitely tell your kids. has over 700 activities listed so you'll never hear those dreaded words "I'm bored" again!

Pop over and visit the same great activities you've been finding here plus many more. As well, find jokes, a few book recommendations and some links for sharing.

I'll see you over there!


#38: Pick and Count

To keep you from getting bored while in the car, pick something to count (like trees, red cars, dumpsters, cows) and see how many you find.

You can set a time limit, like two minutes to make it more of a challenge. You can also play against someone on the other side of the car. In this case see who can find the most by only looking out their own side of the car.

This activity promotes math skills and visual recognition.


#37: Red Rover

This game needs lots of space, so find some space outside and have fun.

Players (the more the better, but 8 is a good start) form 2 lines. The two lines need to be far away from each other, but facing each other. In each line, everyone holds hands.

One team calls out “Red rover, red rover, we call _______ over.” And they call over someone from the other team. That player then leaves their own line and runs to the other line. They try to ‘break’ the line by running between two players and make them let go of each other's hand. If the player breaks the line, they take a player from this line back to their team. If they don’t break through, they join the other team.

Safety First: Be gentle!

This activity promotes group participation and cooperation as well as encourages physical activity.