#386: Do Your Homework

The weekend is coming! Do your homework, then if something exciting comes along, you will be ready and able to go as your homework will be out of the way!

Hop to it!

Make this a family activity: Work together to get all those 'have to's out of the way so you can use the weekend for fun, fun, fun!

This activity promotes personal responsibility and planning.


#385: Play a Video Game

Sometimes, it is nice to challenge yourself with a video game.

Just don't forget about the real world--take breaks!

Make this a family activity: Challenge your family to a video game tournament.

This activity promotes fine motor skills, and problem and puzzle solving skills.


#384: Sledding / Tobogganing

Go sledding or tobogganing!

Dress up warm, watch out for rocks, trees, and other people and have a blast!

Make this a family activity: Get the whole family out there--it's great exercise and can chip away at those winter blues.

This activity promotes physical activity and enjoying the great outdoors.


#383: Make a Puppet

Make a puppet! Making a puppet can be as simple or as hard as you want it to be!

Here are instructions on how to make different kinds of puppets:

Paper Bag Puppets: Take a paper lunch bag and where the bottom of the bag folds, create a face. The fold will be the puppet’s mouth. Decorate your puppet by colouring, drawing, painting or gluing things to the bag to give your puppet character as well as face.

Sock Puppets: Take an old sock that you can fit your hand into. The toe of the sock will be the mouth and nose area of the puppet. Glue or sew scrap material to the sock to make a mouth, nose and eyes. Buttons make great eyes, and yarn or string makes excellent hair.

Finger Puppets: Take a piece of cardboard and cut it out into the shape of a person or an animal—but without legs. Your fingers will be the puppet’s legs. To do this, cut holes in the bottom of the puppet for your fingers to fit through. Decorate your puppet. If you would like a template (something you can print off and cut out) look for ‘finger puppet templates’ online.

For instructions on how to make more elaborate puppets, check out the arts and crafts section of your public library.

Once you are done making your puppet, put on a puppet show!

Make this a family activity: Make puppets together and put on a little show.

This activity promotes creativity and storytelling skills.


#382: Time Yourself

How fast can you run across the yard? How fast can you hop? How fast can you clean your room? How fast can you roll across the living room?

Time yourself and see if you can beat your own record!

Make this a family activity: Who is the fastest at what? Can they beat their own record?

This activity promotes math skills, speed and agility and healthy personal competition to improve and challenge one's self.


#381: Play With Your Food

Play with your food! Can you make a picture? A face? A mountain or volcano (mashed potatoes and gravy make a great volcano).

Make this a family activity: See what your family does with the same food.

This activity promotes creativity.