#183: Pastels

Tired of making pictures with markers, crayons or paint? Try pastels. They make bright drawings.

Pastels are available in arts and craft stores.

Make this a family activity: Why not have everyone in the family make a picture?

This activity promotes creativity.


#182: See a Tractor Pull

Have you ever seen two tractors try and pull each other across a line--kind of like in a tug-o-war?

Watching a tractor pull can be fun. See which tractors can pull or lift the most.

Make this a family activity: Take the whole family to watch the tractors.

This activity promotes prediction skills. Which one will win? Is the biggest the strongest?


#181: Boat Ride

Go for a boat ride!

Safety First: Wear a lifejacket, boat safety kit, and an adult with you in the boat.

Make this a family activity: Take the whole family out on the water!

This activity promotes water safety awareness and a discovering a new vantage point for seeing the world.


#180: Balloon Animals

Make balloon animals.

You will need long, thin balloons made especially for balloon animals. What animals can you make?

This activity promotes visual-spatial skills.


#179: Change Your Signature

How do you sign your name? Change it! Play with it. The way you sign your name says something about you. What do you think it says?

This is the signature of Louis XIV (14th) of France. (He was a king.) By the way, Happy Bastille Day to those of you in France!

Make this a family activity: Everyone plays with their signature.

This activity promotes literacy and written communication skills as well as self-expression.


#178: Make a Fan

To make a paper fan, you will need paper and a stapler.

Fold one edge of the paper up about 3 cm (1 inch). Turn the paper over and without unfolding the first fold, fold the end up, in the other direction 3 cm (1 inch). Flip it over and repeat. Keeping folding and flipping until you have no more paper to fold. Staple one end of the fan to keep the folds together. Voila! You now have a fan.

Decorate your fan by painting or colouring the paper before folding it. You can also cut small pieces out of the folded fan to make it delicate and dainty.

This activity promotes fine motor skills.


#177: Go To The Playground

Go to the playground. Is there a kid or two you don't know? Introduce yourself and play!

Make it a family activity: Take the whole family for a walk to the playground.

This activity promotes physical activity.