#283: Pajama Day!

Have a pajama day! Stay in your pajamas alllllll day long.

Make this a family activity: Everyone stays in their pajamas alllll day long.

This activity promotes family bonding and teaches children when some rules are okay to be broken.


#282: Rearrange Your Room

Move things around in your room to make it look different.

You may need to ask your parents first and always ask for help when moving bigger things like a shelf or dresser.

Make this a family activity: Get the family in your room to help you move the big stuff.

This activity promotes spatial awareness.


#281: See Who Can be Quietest the Longest

Have a quiet contest. Who can be quiet for the longest. That means no words, no noises.

Make this a family activity: See who forgets and talks first.

This activity promotes peace and quiet, perseverance and determination.


#280: Build a Project

Build a project. Use scrap wood or get your parents to take you to the hardware store to buy a kit or the materials you will need to build your project.

What to build? A shelf, a box, a small table, a bird house, a bird feeder... the ideas are endless!

Make this a family activity: Get mom or dad to help you plan and build your project. You might also need their help with some of the tools.

This activity promotes math skills, and spatial skills.


#279: Take Something Apart

Take something apart--just make sure you ask your parents if it is okay first.

What to take apart? Find something that isn't working (is broken) and take out the screws. Maybe an old computer, radio or iron. Make sure it is unplugged!

Make this a family activity: Explore the inner workings of the broken object together.

This activity promotes curiosity as well as knowledge about how things are put together.


#278: Add a Line Poems

Someone starts a poem by writing down a line. The next person adds a line, and the poem goes from person to person until you have a whole poem.

Variations: Cover all the lines except the last written line. This way the players can only see the last line and not the whole poem.

Hint: Not all poems have to rhyme.

Make this a family activity: Each family member adds a line when it is their turn.

This activity promotes creativity and language skills.


#277: Look at Your Route on a Road Map

Where are you going in the car? Pull out a map and see where you are going.

Make this a family activity: Share the map and work together to find different ways to get to the same place.

This activity promotes navigational skills.