#190: Memory Box

A memory box is a decorated box for storing special items. Usually they are made to remember a person or a special event. For example, if you went on a vacation, or a friend was moving away, you might make a memory box.

You will need: a small box with a lid (like a shoebox), mementos, glue or tape, ribbon, photos, glitter, stickers and other things you would like to use to decorate your box.

Decorate both the inside and outside of the box. You can glue your mementos (special items like pictures, ticket stubs and postcards) onto the box or simply place them inside.

Make this a family activity: Ask for special items from your family members to add to your memory box or make it a family related memory box.

This activity promotes memory and creativity skills.


#189: Play with Playdough or Sculpting Material

Let's play with playdough or other sculpting material. If you don't have playdough, follow this recipe to make your own.

What can you create?

Make this a family activity: Everyone plays!

This activity promotes tactile awareness and creativity.


#188: Make Your Own Story

Make up your own story. You can write it down or tell it to someone. For added fun, if you write it down, illustrate it too (draw pictures).

Make this a family activity: Have everyone make up stories to tell/read to each other.

This activity promotes problem solving skills, imagination and communication skills.


#187: Pencil Container

Decorating a jar or can to make a pencil holder is a great gift idea.

You will need: empty jar or can about 8 x 10 cm (3-4 inches) tall with a wide opening at the top, tissue paper, pencil, white glue, and a shallow container for glue (like a jar lid).

Cut tissue paper into small squares (3 x 3 cm or 1 by 1 inch). Wrap one square of tissue paper over the eraser end of a pencil. Lightly dip it in glue so the middle of the tissue paper is covered with glue. Stick the gluey part of the tissue paper onto the jar or can. The center should stick to the jar while the rest of the square pokes out, away from the jar. Continue until the jar is covered, placing your squares close together.

Variation: Completely cover one side of the tissue paper square with glue and lay it flat on the jar. It will be smooth and fast. (Shown above.)

Make this a family activity by making this craft as a gift for someone in your family.

This activity promotes fine motor skills, patience and creativity.


#186: Ceiling Stars

To make stars on your ceiling, you will need a dark room, flashlight and a strainer/colander.

Shine the flashlight through the strainer. It should make star shapes on your ceiling.

Make this a family activity: Gather around and have fun with your stars.

This activity promotes visual awareness.


#185: Build With Lego or Interlocking Blocks

Let's build something with Lego/interlocking blocks. How about a car? House? Space Ship? Steps?


Make this a family activity: Work with your parents and siblings to build a whole community out of Lego or other interlocking blocks.

This activity promotes visio-spatial skills.


#184: Paper Cut Outs

To make paper cut out pictures, you will need two pieces of different coloured or different textured paper. Cut shapes and pieces out of the one sheet of paper and glue them over the other, uncut piece of paper like below. You can also colour and draw on the paper like in the example below.

Make this a family activity: Everyone gets out a pair of scissors and makes their own.

This activity promotes creativity and fine motor skills.