#380: Colour

Colour in a colouring book or printed out colouring sheets from your favourite online kids website.

Make this a family activity: Get down on the floor and share your colouring book or pages with your family.

This activity promotes fine motor skills and colour awareness.


#379: Ice Fishing

Go ice fishing!

You'll need special ice fishing gear--like an ice auger and maybe even an ice fishing hut to keep you warm. If you know someone who ice fishes, ask them if you can come along. They'd probably be totally delighted to show you how and to lend you a rod!

Hint: Maggots make good ice fishing bait and you can usually get them at your local bait shop near popular ice fishing lakes.

Safety first: Go with an adult who knows what they're doing and always make sure the ice is nice and thick.

Make this a family activity: Go out as a family and see if you can catch supper.

This activity promotes an interest in nature and outdoor sports, as well as patience.


#378: Hot Chocolate

Have you been playing outside? Have a cup of hot chocolate to warm you up. Add a few mini marshmallows if you have them to up the fun factor.

Safety First: Don't make it too hot and have an adult help you!

Make this a family activity: Make enough hot chocolate to share with your whole family.

This activity promotes culinary skills.


#377: Play School

Play school. Who gets to be the teacher? What subject will the teacher teach?

Make this a family activity: Play as a family. Who gets to be the teacher?

This activity promotes communication skills and learning.


#376: Ice Cube Curling

Let's go curling--at the table!

On a smooth surface, mark a circle. (You might want to lay smooth plastic over a table and draw your circle on the plastic.) Then, take ice cubes and slide them across the surface. To get points, you need to make your ice cube stop inside the circle, or touching the circle in some way.

Take turns with the other players.

Make this a family activity: Is there anyone who can make the ice cube stop in the very middle of the circle?

This activity promotes motor skills (and cold fingers!).


#375: Research Someone Famous/You Admire

Research someone famous, or someone you admire. Is there someone you know or someone you have heard of that you want to learn more about?

Make a list of questions you are interested in finding the answers to. They might be questions like: What is their favourite colour? How old are they? When and where were they born? Do they have brothers or sisters? What was their first job? What did they like to do in their free time?

In parts of Canada it is Family Day. Maybe there is someone in your family that you would like to learn more about. Where they were born, etc. Ask your family to help you research this person and learn more about them.

In the USA it is President's Day. Maybe you'd like to learn more about a past president? Look them up by their name in the library or on the internet.

Make this a family activity: Get the family researching people they are interested in and then share what you've learned.

This activity promotes research skills, knowledge attainment, and satiates as well as creates curiosity.


#374: Paper Hearts

Happy Valentine's Day!

Cut out paper hearts and decorate the house! Fold a red piece of paper in half and draw half a heart over the fold. (See picture below) Cut out half heart, cutting through both halves. Unfold the paper and you have a heart.

Make this a family activity: Make these hearts into valentines for your family. (Get everyone sharing them together.)

This activity promotes fine motor skills.