#127: Guess the Number

21? 40? 5? 87?

One player picks a number in their head. The other player(s) try and guess what the number is. They can ask questions like, “is it higher than _______?”

For example: Is the number over 60?
Is it an even number?
Is it 20?
Is it over 20?
Is it 44?

Make it a family activity: Get the whole family guessing.

This activity promotes math skills and logical deduction skills.


#126: Make a My Favourites List

What are your favourite things? Foods? Games? People? Movies? Books? Places to go? Subjects at school?

Make a list of the things you like and try to do them more.

How about things you don't like? Write a pet peeves list, too.

Make this a family activity: Try to guess what your family member favourite things are. Are you right?

This activity promotes literacy and self-awareness.


#125: Tug-of-War

Number of players: 2 or more.

You will need a line (even if it is just a towel or a stick on the ground) and a long rope.

Divide into two teams. One team stands on one side of the line, holding onto their end of the rope. On the other side of the line, the other team holds onto the other end of the rope.

PULL! Whichever teams pulls the other team over the line, wins.

Make this a family activity: Great for family reunions, or even a contest for family members. If everyone works together can they beat big ol' dad?

This activity promotes physical activity.


#124: How Far Can You Hop on One Foot?

How far can you hop on your right foot? How about your left foot? Can you hop farther on one? Can you hop backwards? Around things? In a circle?

Make this a family activity: how far can the rest of your family members hop?

This activity promotes coordination, balance and math skills.


#123: Jump Rope

If you have a long rope you can play with two friends. If not, you can tie two short ropes together, or simply skip by yourself. See how many times you can jump without tripping up the rope.

Jump rope songs can add fun and an added challenge. Ask your parents if they know jump rope songs, look some up online, in jump rope books, or make up your own.


Jump rope songs and stunts:

Make this a family activity: See if your parents can jump rope.

This activity promotes coordination, gross motor skills and physical activity.


#122: Chinese Checkers

Play Chinese Checkers.

This game can be played with 2-3 players. Pick a colour, and hop your pieces over each other as you try to get to the other side of the board. Whoever gets all their coloured pieces from one side to the next first, wins.

If you are red, hop your guys over to the other red triangle. You must hop over one of your guys to move forward. You can't move backwards but you can jump over the other team's men. (If you jump over them, they do not get removed from the game.)

Make this a family activity: Chinese checkers is great for all ages and is a fun game to play on family game night.

This game promotes planning ahead and strategy development.


#121: Copycat

Be a copycat.
Be a copycat.

Say what your sister says.
Say what your sister says.

Do what your brother says.
Do what your brother says.

Follow your friend everywhere.
Follow your friend everywhere.

This activity promotes annoyed siblings and attention to detail.