#99: Lick Your Elbow

Go on, give it a try. Can you do it? Can you lick your elbow?

No, no. I said, "lick your elbow."

This activity promotes physical awareness (and flexibility).


#98: Pretend You Are an Airplane

What do airplanes see when they are up in the sky? What do they sound like? Where do they go?

What kind of airplane are you?

This activity promotes imagination.


#97: Gargle a Song

Can you gargle?

Gargling is when you fill your mouth partway with water then tip your head back and let the water into the back of your mouth. This is the tricky part: don't inhale and don't swallow! Make funny noises in your throat to swish the water around. Ask an adult to show you if you can't get it right. (If you really aren't sure about gargling, check out this recording on wikimedia.

Can you gargle a song?

This activity promotes goofiness and hidden musical talents.


#96: Pick Up Garbage

Happy Earth Day!

Take a plastic bag and go to your local park and pick up garbage/litter. Be careful of sharp objects. (You might want to wear gloves.) Place the recyclable items in a recycle bin. Mother Earth will thank you as will the animals that live in the park.

This activity promotes community awareness and citizenship.


#95: Watch for a Shooting Star

Is it dark out? If you are somewhere dark and it isn't too cloudy, step outside and see if you can spot a shooting star.

According to NASA, shooting stars aren't really shooting stars. They are meteors which are bits of rock that have fallen off comets or asteroids. They are often very small (like a pebble or smaller). The reason we can see them is because they are burning up from entering the Earth's atmosphere. When they disappear, it is because they have burned up.

Bonus: The Lyrids Meteor shower is taking place tonight and tomorrow night. They are predicting about 20 meteors to fall an hour. That means one every five minutes!

(photo credit)

This activity promotes environment awareness and visual recognition skills.


#94: Start a Collection

What would you like to collect?

Stickers, rocks, buttons, autographs, toy cars, stamps? Pick something you are interested in and start your own collection.

This activity promotes exploring one's interests.


#93: Blind Contour Drawings

Draw a picture of something without looking at the paper you are drawing on.

Pick something that will stay still, like a chair or a plant and without looking at the paper, draw the object. It helps to look at the line of the chair, plant (or whatever you are drawing) while you are drawing that line.

No peeking!

This activity promotes visualization skills.