#236: Plan a 'Perfect' Dream Day

If you could plan a perfect 'dream' day, what would you do?

Would you go for a plane ride? Would you go to Disneyland? Would you dig for worms? Would someone bring you French Toast in bed? Would you spend the day in the swimming pool? Would your brother or sister have to be your servant all day? Would you watch movies and eat popcorn?

Make this a family activity: See what everyone's dream day would be like. And maybe, just maybe you and your family could do some of the things on everyone's dream list.

This activity promotes self-awareness.


#235: Don't Lift Your Pencil!

Have you ever tried drawing a whole picture without lifting your pencil off the paper?

First, find something you would like to draw. You can start with something simple, like a table. Decide what part of the table you want to start drawing. Put your pencil on the paper, start drawing and keep your pencil touching the paper (and drawing) for the whole picture. You can only lift your pencil off the page when you are finished the whole picture.

It's tricky!

Make this a family activity: Have everyone in the family sit in a circle (or at a table) with paper and a pencil. Everyone tries to draw the person across from them, keeping their pencil on the paper the whole time.

This activity promotes spatial awareness and visual-spatial planning.


#234: Press Flowers

Take a look around outside, are there any flowers still blooming? If you live in the southern hemisphere (south of the equator), are there are first flowers of spring yet?

Pick a few flowers you would like to keep. Place them between two pieces of newspaper. Put a flat, heavy object like a big book on top of the paper until the flowers are dry (a day or two). The book will press the flowers flat as they dry.

Above are Fireweed and Clover, saved from our northern trip this summer.

Once dry, glue your pressed flowers onto a memory box, a homemade card or simply admire them.

Make this a family activity: Take everyone outside to collect flowers for pressing.

This activity promotes an awareness of nature.


#233: Crash Up Derby

Go watch a crash up derby. Crash up derbies are when people take special cars out in a special arena and run into each other. On purpose! It's a strange contest and interesting to watch.

Make this a family activity: Try and guess who is going to win.

This activity promotes accident awareness.


#232: Bird Watching

Watch birds. How many do you see? How many different kinds do you see? What kind are they? If you aren't sure, check a bird identification guide.

Make this a family activity: Take the whole family out to watch birds. Hint: Bird sanctuary's are good places for bird viewing.

This activity promotes visual identification skills as well as environment and creature appreciation.


#231: Suck Food Through Your Teeth

Suck Jell-O, pudding or soup through your teeth. Missing a tooth? Even better!

Make this a family activity: Who can suck more pudding through the spaces in their teeth?

This activity promotes tactile awareness.