#250: Draw a Picture Together

With a friend, draw a picture together. Use one piece of paper and work together to make one drawing.

Make this a family activity: Draw a picture with your whole family helping out.

This activity promotes cooperation and teamwork.


#249: Jump in a Pile of Leaves

It's fall!

Rake a pile of leaves into a pile and jump into them!

Make this a family activity: Get the whole family raking and jumping together.

This activity promotes physical activity.


#248: Canoe / Kayak Ride

Grab your lifejacket, an adult, your canoe safety kit, and go for a canoe or kayak ride before the water gets too cold to go out in a boat!

Make this a family activity: Take the whole family out for a trip down the river or around a lake or pond.

This activity promotes balance and coordination.


#247: Measure Yourself

How tall are you? How long is your hand? How big is your ankle? How long are all of your toes?

Make this a family activity: See who has the longest toe. Who has the shortest toe? Who has the longest hair? Dare to compare!

This activity promotes math skills.


#246: Read

It is Freedom to Read Week. Celebrate your freedom to read all kinds of books, magazines, newspapers and even internet articles.

Make this a family activity: Get the whole family together for a few minutes of reading, and sharing.

This activity promotes citizen and rights awareness as well as literacy skills.


#245: Pull Someone in a Wagon

Load 'em up and move 'em out! Give someone a wagon ride. Don't have anyone you can pull? How about stuffed animals?

Make this a family activity: The whole family can take turns. Can anyone pull dad?

This activity promotes physical activity and cooperating with others.


#244: Wave at Everyone You Can See

While riding in a vehicle (car, bus, van, truck), wave at everyone you can see. See how many people wave back.

Make this a family activity: Get the whole family waving.

This activity promotes social awareness.