#230: Tetherball

Let's play tetherball. Tetherball is a game where a ball is 'tethered' or tied to a pole. One person hits the ball around the pole in one direction and the other player hits the ball in the other direction. The first person to get the rope wrapped all the way around the pole going their direction, wins.

Make this a family activity: Have a family tournament.

This activity promotes timing and coordination.


#229: Go-carting

Let's go go-carting. You don't have to be a big kid to go go-carting--find a place with pedal carts instead.

Make this a family activity: Take the whole family go-carting.

This activity promotes coordination and spatial awareness.


#228: Collect Leaves or Pine Cones

What kind of leaves and pine cones do you have in your area? See how many different types you can find.

Make this a family activity: Work together to find different kinds of leaves or cones, as well as what type of tree they came from.

This activity promotes visual identification and comparison skills, as well as environmental awareness.


#227: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Two players make a fist. On the count of three, both players reveals rock, paper or scissors.

Rock beats scissors (smashes it). Scissors beats paper (cuts it). Paper beats rock (covers it).

To make a rock, make a fist. To make paper, lay your hand flat. To make scissors do the peace sign but with your hand pointing sideways (pointer finger and middle finger pointing straight out of a fist).

This is a fun way to decide who goes first when playing a new game.

Make this a family activity: Have a tournament.

This activity promotes the ability to predict the actions of others as well as timing and strategy.


#226: Chess

Play chess! Choose a colour, black or white and play!

Make this a family activity: start a family tournament.

This activity promotes strategy skills, math skills and predictive, action and consequence skills.