#148: Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a fancy form of writing that looks very elegant. You will need special calligraphy pens to do calligraphy. A 'how to' book helps too as it will show you how to make the letters using your pens. Pens can be found in craft stores and books can be found in the library, craft store or bookstore.

Be patient, it takes time to get the hang of calligraphy. As well, there are fancier forms (like above and less fancy forms of calligraphy.)


This activity promotes fine motor skills and literacy.


#147: Splash/Spray Park or Waterslides

Let's get wet!

Check out your local splash/spray park or waterslides. While waterslides can be expensive, some towns have a splash/spray park or wading pool that is free. Snoop around and see what you can find to cool down.

Safety First: Bring an adult.

Make this a family activity: Get the whole family splashing and having fun.
This activity promotes fun and water/swimming skills.


#146: Scooter


Go for a spin on a scooter. Don't have one? Try out a friend's.

Safety First: Remember your helmet!

This activity promotes balance and coordination.


#145: Farmers' Market

What is a Farmers' Market?

A Farmer's Market is a market that takes place each week on a certain day. Local farmers and other craftspeople come, set up tables and sell what they have grown or made. You can find everything from fresh vegetables, to baking, to plants, to handmade wooden chests, to meats, to knitted items, to...everything! Sometimes, local bands and musicians will play music and entertain market goers. It's wonderful--and free!

Search online for you local market location and dates.

Make this a family activity: Take the whole family to the market.

This activity promotes supporting local producers and can teach children where food comes from.


#144: Give Yourself a Nickname

What would you like people to call you? Maybe you already have a nickname. Dream up a new one.

Nicknames usually are part of your name, have something to do with what your are good at or came from a funny story about you.

Do you read a lot? Maybe people call you a "bookworm".
This isn't really a nickname--just a label as people who read
a lot can be all called bookworms.
However, if they call you Bookworm Jane--
then that might be a nickname. (If your name is Jane.)

For example: Names like Jean can become Jeanie. Someone with a good aim might be called "Eagle Eye". And someone who accidentally ran over a worm with their bike and made a big deal about it might be called "Squash" for squashing worms.

Make this a family activity: Make up a nice nickname for everyone in your family.

This activity promotes creativity.


#143: Learn to Play an Instrument

Do you know how to play an instrument? Think what instrument you might be able to use. Maybe your family already has a piano or guitar? Maybe some maracas? See what sounds you can make.

You can teach yourself how to play by using guides found in music stores, the library, or online. Or if you can find someone willing to teach you the instrument, even better!

Can you play a song? Make up your own?

Do you already play a musical instrument? If so, learn how to play a new one.


Make this a family activity: Everyone picks an instrument to learn. Maybe you can all learn to play the same song and make a family band!

This activity promotes musical awareness and musical skills.


#142: Act Out a Story

You can act out your own story, a fairytale, a family story or a story from a book. Make costumes and use 'character' voices, or just go for it!

Make it a family activity: Each family member gets to be someone in the story.

This activity promotes role playing as a way of learning about stories.