#290: Daydream

Ahhhh... sit back, relax, and daydream. A daydream is like dreaming in the day while you are awake. Your imagination takes over and before you know it, your mind is making all kinds of stories and 'dreams' to keep you entertained.

I don't really recommend daydreaming in school though--you might get in trouble for not paying attention!

Make this a family activity: Everyone sits back and daydreams, then shares their daydreams with everyone.

This activity promotes self-awareness and creativity.


#289: Martial Arts

Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Kwon Do, Judo and Jujitsu are several forms of martial arts.

Can you defend yourself?

Make this a family activity: Take a martial arts family class.

This activity promotes self-discipline, confidence, balance, strength and coordination.


#288: Slurp Noodles

Yummy noodles. Slurp up some long, cooked noodles. The more sounds you make, the better!

Make this a family activity: Everyone slurps and sucks their noodles off their plate.

This activity promotes strong cheek muscles and the giggles.


#287: Write to the Government

Write a letter to the government and let them know how you feel about your country on one of the most important days of the year--Remembrance Day (Canada) or Veteran's Day (U.S.A.).

What are you thankful for? What do you think the government could do better? Let the government know what you think and feel. (You can write to the local town/city government, the provincial/state government or the federal government. Learn more about the governments, departments, their roles as well as their mailing addresses at your local public library or online.)

Personally, I am proud to be Canadian and am very thankful for our role in keeping peace within the world. However, I do feel that my provincial government could do more for the education system (that's the schools). The schools need more money for books and teachers.

Make this a family activity: Why not get the whole family together and write letters to the government?

This activity promotes community, citizenship and literacy skills.


#286: Hold a Liar's Club Meeting

You won’t really be a liar in a Liar's Club, you will tell ‘tall tales.’ Tall tales are stories that are based in real life, but grow and grow until they become so tall, they are no longer totally believable. They are lots of fun to listen to!

Get some friends together and see who can make up the biggest, silliest story that is not true. For example, my aunt once made up a story where my dad took a huge jump on his windsurfer and ended up landing in the back of a semi-truck! The crazier the story, the better. And if you can make your crazy story seem believable--you are a pro!

Make this a family activity: Take turns telling tall tales.

This activity promotes creativity, listening skills, story telling skills, and critical thinking skills.


#285: Badminton

Get some people together and play badminton.

Make this a family activity: Make teams and play!

This activity promotes teamwork and eye-hand coordination.


#284: Read the Local Newspaper for Things to Do

What's happening in your area? Good movies? Plays? Concerts? Events? Book readings? Contests?

Read the local newspaper and see what there is to do.

Make this a family activity: Get everyone together to find something to do in the paper.

This activity promotes community awareness.