#360: Whistle / Learn to Whistle

Can you whistle? Whistle a song! Can you whistle like different birds?

If you can't whistle, practice puckering your lips and blowing air in and out through your lips. Can you make a small whistling sound? You are on your way!

Can you do like the picture above and put two fingers in your mouth to make a really loud whistle noise?

Make this a family activity: Can you all whistle a song together with different family members whistling different parts of the song?

This activity promotes muscule control.


#359: Make up Funny Words and Definitions for Them

Time to get wordy and goofy!

Make up words. How about Suchatuft What is it? Make that up too (that's a definition)! I think Suchatuft is the tuft of hair that sticks out around a dog or cat's ear. What do you think? Who can make the craziest word and definition? Use your new words--you never know... people might start saying them too!

Make this a family activity: Make up words that are 'secret' family words.

This activity promotes language development skills.


#358: Make a New Friend

Is there a new student in your class? Is there someone you don't know on the playground, sitting on the bus, or playing at recess who looks like they are having a blast? Join them. You might make a new friend!

Make this a family activity: Join a club or class and make new family friends.

This activity promotes social skills and making connections with others.


#357: Snowmobiling

Go snowmobiling! Make fun in the snow.

Safety First: Have an adult drive and always wear a helmet. As well, stay on trails and be sure to stay in areas cleared of avalanches in mountain areas.

Make this a family activity: Go for a ride with your mom or dad.

This activity promotes learning about vehicle safety and enjoying the beauty of winter and the great outdoors.


#356: Make Up Your Own Constellation

A constellation is a group of stars with a story to go with them. Usually, if you look at the group of stars, you can also make a shape by connecting the stars. (See the Big Dipper below.)

The nice thing about winter is that it gets dark early, making it easier to stay up to see those stars. You will need a cloudless night away from streetlights in order to see the stars. Use your imagination to make your own constellation and make up your own story to go with it.

This is Cassiopeia.
She was a Greek queen who liked to brag about how beautiful she was.

Make this a family activity:
See if you can convince your parents to drive out to a place without a lot of lights (like a large park or out of town) and make up your own constellations.

This activity promotes an awareness of the universe as well as imagination and storytelling (communication) skills.


#355: Have a Picnic

Have a picnic.

Pack up... wait... is it still winter? Hmmm... Have an indoor picnic!

If it is cold outside, move the picnic indoors. Pack a lunch into a basket and grab a blanket. Lay the blanket out on the floor and enjoy your picnic. You won't have to worry about ants!

Make this a family activity: Have a picnic on the living room floor. It can be for supper, lunch, even breakfast!

This activity promotes fun!


#354: Knock Your Socks Off

Get a pile of friends together and play the game Knock Your Socks Off.

How to play Knock Your Socks Off:

Rules: Divide the group of players (6-16 players works well) into two teams. Everyone needs to be wearing socks. The two teams get down on their hands and knees as this is a crawling game--you cannot stand up or stand on your feet at any point during the game. Choose an area for the game such as the living room--if you leave the boundaries of the game area, you are automatically out.

When the game starts, the two teams begin crawling around, trying to pull the socks off the other team's feet. The goal is to get all the socks off the other team. Once a sock is off a foot, it stays off. Once a player has no socks left on, they move to the sidelines to cheer on the other players (they are out of the game).

No kicking! And no grabbing at your own sock if someone is pulling it off. And no knee-high socks or stirrup pants--they are so unfair!

Make this a family activity: Break into teams. Parents against kids or boys against girls or just mix it up! Watch out: Mom tickles!

This activity promotes speed, agility and a little healthy competition.