#92: Play in a Sandbox

What can you make in a sandbox?

Mud? Castles? Roads? Towns?

Have fun!

This activity promotes creativity.


#91: Visit an Art Gallery

Art credit: Ellen Dick

Grab the family and check out your local art gallery. Which piece is your favourite? What do you think the artist is trying to say with their art?

Did you know art show openings are open to the public and artists love it when people come to see them and their art? Check your paper to see if there is a show opening this weekend.

This activity promotes art appreciation.


#90: Create a Secret Code

Xivzgv blfi ldm hvxivg wlwv.

(Create your own secret code.)

One of the easiest ways to create your own code is to switch around the letters in the alphabet. For example, A = Z, B = Y, C = X.

Use your secret code to write a note to your friend (or other spies like you) and send your secret message safely.

This activity promotes the development of puzzle solving, literacy and logic skills.


#89: British Bulldog

You will need lots of space (outside is best) and about 10 players.

Three players hold hands and stand in a line in the middle of the playing area. These players are the bulldogs. When they are ready, they yell “British Bulldog” and the other players try to run to the other end of the field without being touched by the bulldogs. When they are touched by the bulldogs, they join them for the next round. Keep going until everyone has become a bulldog.

This activity promotes the skills needed to work effectively as a group work as well as being physically active.


#88: Go For a Walk

It's spring!

Head outside for a walk. Bring the whole family and search for signs of the changing season or simply something new in your neighbourhood or area.

This activity promotes engaging in physical activity.


#87: Make Your Own Crossword Puzzle

Either find a kids' crossword puzzle to complete or make your own. (The only problem is that you already know all the answers when you make your own--so make one with a friend and trade.)

Materials needed: graph or plain paper, pen, ruler.

You can make a crossword puzzle on graph paper, and use the lines that are already there by tracing over the ones you want with pen or pencil.

There are also free programs on the Internet that will make crosswords puzzles for you. You type in the words as well as the clues and it organizes and creates your puzzle. Print it out and see if you can do it!

This activity promotes literacy, logic skills as well as puzzle solving skills.


#86: Virtual Easter Egg Hunt / Bunny Ears

The Easter Egg Hunt is now closed. However, you can still make the craft (bunny ears) by clicking here.

This activity promotes eye-hand coordination.

Happy Easter! The Easter bunny has been to It's All Kid's Play (dot ca). He mentioned he was going to leave a craft project for my blog readers. He said, "follow the Easter Eggs to find the craft that will make you look like me. Have fun!"

Thanks, Easter Bunny. To start the hunt, click here and begin looking for eggs. When you find one, click on it. Keeping finding and clicking on the eggs until you find the Easter Bunny. Enjoy the hunt everyone! P.S. You might have to hit the 'refresh' button on your Internet browser for the eggs to appear.