#106: Make a Photo Album

Have you been taking your own pictures like in activity #85? Or maybe you have photos laying around or on the computer? Make a photo album!

You can print your pictures and put them in a photo album from the store, or make your own album. You can even make a photo album online or on your computer!

Have fun!

Make this a family activity: Include your parents and siblings. Share stories about the pictures.

This activity promotes organizational skills.


#105: Tennis Ball Races

Each player who wants to race gets a tennis ball. Make a starting line and a finishing line.

Here's the tricky part--players can only move their tennis ball by rolling it along with their nose! See who can get to the finish line first.

This activity promotes coordination and fine motor skills.


#104: Play Salon

Grab a friend and play salon/hairdresser. Take turns doing each other's hair (no cutting!) Do each other's nails too.

This activity promotes sharing, taking care of others and learning about personal grooming.


#103: Move Cotton Balls With Your Nose

This is a tickly, tricky challenge.

To pick up the cotton ball, breathe in through your nose above the cotton ball. No hands allowed! Keep breathing in until you want to drop the ball.

How far can you carry it? Have races with a friend. See who can move their pile of cotton balls from one spot into a jar the fastest.


This activity promotes coordination.


#102: Car Ride Scavenger Hunt

Who says you can't have a scavenger hunt in the car? Nobody, that's who! So, let's go!

What to do: Look for the items listed below (or make your own list) while riding in the car. You don't have to find the 'real' items. For example, if you see a picture of a cow, or a sculpture of a cow, or even a car painted to look like a cow, you can count that as finding the 'cow' on your list.

You can play against someone else in the car to see who finds all the items first, or you can work together or even all by yourself.

Good luck!

Here's a list to get you started (you can also find this list along with other printable car ride activities here):
* Bridge
* Cow (or other farm animal)
* Blue minivan
* A tree shorter than the vehicle you are riding in
* A person with white or grey hair who is driving another vehicle
* Transport truck/semitruck
* Motor home
* Bus
* Sign with the letter ‘F’ on it
* Speed limit sign
* A vehicle you think is speeding
* Fast food restaurant
* Overpass
* Red car
* A vehicle with an out of province/state license plate
* A vehicle that is for sale
* A vehicle that has a company name painted on it
* A child riding in another vehicle
* Pedestrian

Extra challenge: find the items in the order they appear on the list.

This activity promotes visual identification skills and written and visual matching skills.


#101: Look for Tadpoles

Tadpoles are baby frogs. They have front legs and a long tail. They may also be starting to grow their back legs--making them a bit funny looking. When baby frogs are still in the tadpole stage, they can't breathe above water like an adult frog can. They also are very good at hiding.

Safety First: Play safe around water. It is cold this time of year. As well, the banks/shores of ponds may be slippery. Take an adult with you.

This activity promotes knowledge about the Earth's animals as well as the life cycle of frogs.


#100: Watch Construction

Safety First: Stay out of construction areas. Obey all signs and workers. Make sure you keep yourself safe. If there is a fence, do not climb it or sneak past it. Construction sites can be dangerous.

Usually when buildings or roads are being built, there is a safe place where people can watch the machines do their jobs.

Play safe.

This activity promotes curiosity and knowledge about building and the world in which we live.