#346: Join a Club

Are you bored? Join a club? It could be a gymnastics club, skating club, girl guides or boy scouts, reading club, nature/hiking club, bird watching club, French club, the list is just about endless. What interests you? See if there is a club in your area who is seeking new members--you!

Are there no clubs in your area that interest you? Start your own!

Make this a family activity:
Get the family off the couch and involved in local clubs.

This activity promotes group participation and following one's interests.


#345: Learn to Say Something in a Different Language

Hello! (English) Ola! (Spanish) Bonjour! (French) Hallo! (Dutch and German) Mambo! (Congo) Aloha! (Hawaiian) Habari! (Swahili)The list goes on... how many can you learn and remember?

Make this a family activity: If you work together to learn new words, you are more likely to remember them.

This activity promotes verbal skills and an appreciation for language.


#344: Lip Sync

Lip syncing is when you sing along to a song, but don't sing out loud. So your lips are moving at the right time, but no sound is coming out. It's kind of like you have become the singer in the band!

Put on your favourite song and lip sync! If you want you can grab a microphone and put on a rockstar outfit. If you made musical instruments in #258, use them as part of your band.

Make this a family activity: Get the whole family into the lip sync band!

This activity promotes timing and musical skills.


#343: Face Painting

Often you can get your face painted at children's fairs and other such family events. If there isn't someone doing face painting in your area, see if you can find face painting crayons or face paints.

While you can paint your own face with face paints, it is easier to have someone else do it for you.

What would you like? Whiskers? A flower on one cheek? Or maybe turn yourself into a dragon? Be creative and see what happens.

Make this a family activity: Take turns painting each other's faces until everyone is done.

This activity promotes creativity.


#342: Memory

This memory game is played with playing cards. Take the deck of cards and arrange them face down on a table or the floor. During your turn, flip over two cards, leaving them in their spot. If they are a pair, take them. If they are not a pair, turn them face down again.

It is now the other player’s turn.

Lay the cards out like this,
only face down so nobody sees which cards are where.

If you make a pair, you can keep going until you can’t make anymore pairs. Whoever makes the most number of pairs wins the game.

Hint: This game can also be played alone.

Make this a family game: See who remembers where all those cards are!

This activity promotes memory skills.


#341: Give Someone a Hug and/or Snuggle

Awww... Give someone a hug or snuggle and watch them relax and smile.

Hugs feel good!

Make this a family activity: Family hug!!!!

This activity promotes bonding.


#340: Question - Question

To play Question-Question, two people have a conversation with each other. Sound easy?

Here's the catch: both players can ONLY ask questions. If playing with more than two players, switch players out as they mess up (they don’t ask a question).

Here is an example:
Person one: How are you?
Person two: What do you mean?
Person one: What are you crazy?
Person two: No, are you?
Person one: Sometimes, but how are you?
Person two: I’m fine (and they are out because this isn’t a question!).

Hint: The conversation doesn’t always have to make sense.

Variations: Make it harder—players have to reply right away (no pause to think about what they are going to ask) or they are out.

Make this a family activity: See who can ask the most questions without messing up.

This activity promotes quick thinking.