#225: Go to a Corn Maze or Other Outdoor Maze

Go 'get lost' in a nature maze made of corn or hedges.

Make this a family activity: Break into teams and see who can find their way out of the maze first.

This activity promotes navigation and orientation skills .


#224: Build a House of Cards

Can you build a house of cards? Take a deck of playing cards and try stacking them up. How many can you stack before the house falls down?

Make this a family activity: Everyone work together--and nobody sneeze.

This activity promotes eye hand coordination, patience and engineering skills.


#223: Draw on Birch Bark

Birch bark can be used like paper. Draw or colour on birch bark with pens, pencils, pencil crayons or markers.

When finding birch bark for drawing, be sure to use birch bark that has already shed off a tree, is on a dead tree, or is almost off the tree. If you pull birch bark off a live tree, you could kill it as the bark is its skin. In the picture below, the back is naturally peeling. Simply cut along the spot where it is still attached to the tree and you will have a nice piece of bark.

(This is a note I gave my cousin when we were little.
It says: 1987
Thank you for the note.
I have an acorn that we can give a chipmunk.
Love, Jean.)

Make this a family activity:
Write letter or draw pictures to each other.

This activity promotes environment awareness.


#222: Jigsaw Puzzle

Put together a jigsaw puzzle, or put together one you've made.

For added challenge, see how fast you can put it together. Can you do it blindfolded?

Make this a family activity: work on a big puzzle with your whole family.

This activity promotes shape awareness and spatial skills.


#221: Basketball

Let's play basketball.

Make this a family activity: Make a family team.

This activity promotes physical activity, coordination and teamwork.


#220: Book Swap

Have you read all your books and looking for something new to read?

Trade books with your friends. (Ask your parents if it is okay first.)

Make this a family activity: find a family to swap books with.

This activity promotes literacy skills.


#219: Popcorn String

You will need: popcorn, needle, and string.

Pop popcorn in an air popper (do not use microwave popcorn). Thread a needle with string and stick the needle through the popcorn. Keeping sewing popcorn onto your string until you have a length you want. You can place it on the Christmas tree or place it outside for animals to snack on.

Make this a family activity: Have everyone make strings to hang.

This activity promotes fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.