#311: Catch Snowflakes on Your Tongue

This is a hard one. Can you catch a snowflake on your tongue? What makes this one so tricky is that your mouth is warm and so is your breath. Before that cold, little snowflake can land on your tongue, it melts!

Hint: The really big, fluffy flakes are great for catching on your tongue. Sometimes you can feel them land before they melt.

Make this a family activity: See if anyone can catch a snowflake.

This activity promotes coordination, science knowledge (temperature, melting point, solid/liquid states).


#310: Write a Letter to Santa Claus

Write a letter to Santa. Tell him how you've been doing and let him know what you would like for Christmas. If you write him now, he might even have time to write you back!

If you want to mail your letter to Santa (don't forget to include your mailing address so he can mail his letter to you):

Santa’s Canadian mailing address:
Santa Claus
The North Pole, Canada

Santa’s American (United States) mailing address:
North Pole Christmas Cancellation
5400 Mail Trail
Fairbanks AK 99709-9998

Note: You don't have to mail your letter to Santa, you can also leave it by milk and cookies on Christmas Eve and he'll read it when he stops by to fill your stocking.

Make this a family activity: I don't think you are ever too old to write a nice letter to Santa.

This activity promotes the spirit of Christmas and giving as well as literacy skills.


#309: Look at the World Upside Down

Get yourself upside down. Now look at the world. Are you inside? Do the doorjambs look strange? Are you outside? Do the trees look odd?

Make this a family activity: Get the whole family hanging their head off the couch or bed and looking at things upside down.

This activity promotes learning about different perspectives.


#308: Practice Playing an Instrument

Do you play a musical instrument? Practice playing it. Can you learn a new song?

Make this a family activity: Get the whole family practicing songs together.

This activity promotes musical skills which leads to improved mathematical skills.


#307: Find a New Way to Lace Up Your Shoes

Tired of the way you tie your shoes or the way you have them laced up? Try a new way!

If you don't know more ways to lace your shoes and want some ideas, check out your public library's craft section, or do some research online.

Make this a family activity: Teach each other different ways to do up laces.

This activity promotes coordination and spatial awareness.


#306: Make Your Own Magnet

There are many different ways to make your own magnets.

If you are good with computers and have a printer, you can buy a magnet sheet at a stationary store and print directly onto it using your home printer. This is nice if you like to make drawings on the computer or if you have digital pictures you would like to print onto magnets.

If you want to get a bit more crafty, re-cover old, flat magnets (or buy some). Glue pictures, drawings, funny sayings, feathers, and well, just about anything onto the magnet.

Hint: If you put too many things on the magnet it might get too heavy to stick your fridge.

To make the magnet shown above, you will need paint, a paint brush, white glue, cardstock (thicker paper), scissors, a clothespin, two googly eyes, a black pipe cleaner, a marker, and a magnet.

Cover your hands with paint (you may need help). Make a painty hand print on the cardstock, then make another hand print across from it like in the picture above. Paint the clothespin as well. Allow them to dry. Once dry, cut around the handprints, but do not cut them apart. Glue the clothespin onto the cardstock between the handprints. Point the clothespin down so the clasping part is down. Glue a magnet to the back. Make sure it is big and strong enough to hold your butterfly to the fridge. Glue on the eyes and pipe cleaner antenna. Draw a mouth on your butterfly and it is done!

Make this a family activity: Get the family together to make magnets as gifts or for your own fridge.

This activity promotes creativity.


#305: Cross-Country Skiing

Do you have any snow on the ground? Go cross-country skiing. Don't have skis? No problem, ski shops sometimes rent skis as do some sporting good stores or recreation facilities. Look around and see what you can find.

Make this a family activity: This is a great way to get the family outside and moving. It's also a great way to see nature in the winter. Can you spot any animal tracks?

This activity promotes coordination.