#397: Colour Easter Eggs

This is a safe and easy way to colour eggs for Easter.

To colour Easter eggs you will need: Hardboiled eggs (cooked in their shells), crepe paper (you can rip up party streams), water, and papertowel.

Take small pieces of crepe paper and wet them. Lay them over the egg until the egg is coloured. Set the egg on the papertowel to dry. Once the crepe paper is dried, peel it off. Some of the colour should have stayed behind to decorate the egg.

P.S. If you keep the eggs cool, you can eat them afterwards!

Make this a family activity: Get everyone together to make eggs.

This activity promotes creativity and colour awareness.


#396: Eggcarton Easter Bunny

To make a little Easter bunny you will need: an egg carton, cotton ball or craft pompom ball, pipe cleaner, marker, googly eyes, and glue.

Cut one egg piece off an egg carton. Cut the pipe cleaner in half. Fold each piece in half. Poke the ends into the carton for ears. Glue the googly eyes and puffy tail on. Draw on a face using the marker and you have a cute little Easter bunny.

Make this a family activity: Have each family member make their own and use them as a place setting decoration at Easter.

This activity promotes fine motor skills.