#208: Bury Your Legs in the Sand

Sand, sand, glorious sand!

Sit down and bury your legs in the sand.

Make this a family activity: bury your mom's legs, your dad's legs, your brother's legs, your sister's legs, the dog's legs...

This activity promotes tactile awareness and well as engineering skills.


#207: S'mores

Hey, how about some s'mores to go with yesterday's campfire?

Wait until the fire burns down to coals. Then you are ready to make s'mores.

You will need marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers (or arrowroot cookies).

Place chocolate on one cookie. If you have a grate over the firepit, place the cookie there so the chocolate gets soft. Roast your marshmallow until it is warm and puffy. Place the marshmallow on top of the chocolate and add another cookie on top, making a sandwich. Watch out! They are hot and very messy! (And super-yummy!)

You don’t always need a campfire to make these yummy treats. Try this at-home microwave s'more method. Put a cookie or cracker on a plate and place chocolate on top. Place a marshmallow on top of the chocolate. Heat in the microwave for a few seconds until the marshmallow starts to get puffy. Take it out of the microwave and add another cracker or cookie on top. Push down lightly. Let it cool and enjoy.

Careful! They can be very hot.

Make this a family activity: everyone gather round and make a s'more!

This activity promotes patience--waiting for the marshmallow to roast can feel like forever. :)


#206: Have a Campfire/Bonfire

A bonfire is a large fire. You can make a small ‘bonfire’ or a 'campfire' in a fire pit.

Anybody know any scary stories? Roast marshmallows? Roast wieners?

Safety First: Never play with or around a fire. Make sure an adult sets up and lights the fire. Also make sure you have water ready to put out the fire.

Make this a family activity: Hey! It already is because you need an adult to build and tend to the fire.

This activity promotes camaraderie and an appreciation for the force of fire.


#205: Watch a Movie in the Car

It's travel season. When you've exhausted all the games here, try a movie.

If you don’t have a movie player and you are going on a really long trip, see if you can borrow a portable movie player from a friend. (And maybe a movie too!)

Make this a family activity: Everyone in the backseat--it's movie time! Who brought the popcorn?

This activity promotes mental well-being in traveling parents.