#64: Watch Fish Swim

Feeling quiet? Watch some fish swim around in a fish tank. They glide through the water so easily. What would it be like to be a fish and breathe water and swim so fast?

This activity promotes curiosity.


#63: Hide and Seek

Find some friends and play hide and seek.

Wondering how to play? One person covers their eyes and counts to 20. The rest of the players go and hide. When the counter has reached 20, they say, "Ready or not, here I come!" They then go and try to find the rest of the players.

VARIATION: Players can change hiding places throughout the game.

This game promotes visual skills, counting skills and patience.


#62: Have an Arm Wrestle

How strong are you?

To have an arm wrestle, sit at a small table with a friend. Each person places the elbow of their right arm on the table. (You can also have left handed arm wrestles.) Hold hands and at the count of three, see who can push the other person's hand to the table. When the back of the opponent's hand touches the table, the other person wins. Elbows must stay on the table.

This activity promotes strength training and gross motor skill development.


#61: Search for Yourself on the Internet

Use a search engine to look for yourself online. Put your name in quotes like this: "Your Name" and see what comes up. Is it really you, or is it someone else with the same name?

This activity promotes literacy, research and computer skills.


#60: Look for a Leprechaun

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Can you find a leprechaun?

A leprechaun is a male faerie from Ireland. They are said to have a lot of money (gold). If you keep your eye on one, he can't escape, but as soon as you look away, he can vanish. So if you see one, keep your eye on him! They especially like to play jokes/pranks on people--so watch out!

This activity promotes the knowledge of Irish mythology and the use of imagination.


#59: Swimming

Let's go swimming!

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere where it is warm enough to go swimming outside--go for it. Otherwise, check out when your local indoor pool has public swim hours and have some fun in the water.

This activity promotes physical activity.


#58: Overbars

Try going over-bars.

What is over-bars? Swing on a swing and see how high you can go. When I was a kid we used to go as high as we could thinking we could go over the bars that holds the swings up. We never did, but it was fun to try! (Make sure you hang on tight!)

This activity promotes challenging one's limits and physical activity.