#332: Pick Things Up With Your Toes

Can you pick things up with your toes? Try picking up pencils, rubber balls, socks, and other small things using your toes instead of your fingers. Can you do it?

Who has 'finger toes' and use their toes like fingers to pick things up?

Make this a family activity: See if anyone has 'finger toes.'

This activity promotes physical awareness.


#331: Sing Christmas Carols

Merry Christmas, everyone!

What Christmas carols (songs) do you know?

You can sing your carols by your self, with your family or even go out as a group, caroling for your neighbours.

Do you need lyrics?

Make this a family activity: Take the family out caroling.

This activity promotes Christmas spirit and musical skills.


#330: Draw on Frosty Windows

Going for a ride in the car? Is it brrrrr out there? Have your windows frosted up? Draw pictures in the window frost using your finger or fingernail.

Make this a family activity: Turn your drawings into games. (Xs and Os is a good one.)

This activity promotes passing the time and creativity.


#329: Find Ten Red Things in Your Room

Can you find ten red things in your room? What about in the living room?

You can also turn this into a fun 'clean your room' game. Find ten red things and put them away. Go through all the colours until there is nothing left to pick up.

Make this a family activity: Do you all see the same ten red things in the room?

This activity promotes math skills and colour identification.


#328: Candy Christmas Tree

Make a pretty, edible (that means you can eat it) Christmas tree.

You will need: a pointy ended ice cream cone, green icing, and candies.

Cover the ice cream cone with icing and stick your candies on the tree and voila! You have a yummy tree.

For icing, you can make your own, or buy premade icing in grocery stores.

Make this a family activity: Get everyone around the table, making Christmas trees.

This activity promotes creativity and tactile awareness.


#327: Start a Plant From a Seed or Cutting

You can start a plant from a seed, or from a cutting.

A cutting is a piece cut or pinched off a plant. Sometimes you can start a new houseplant by cutting a piece off a big one. For most plants, placing the cutting in water makes it grow roots so you can plant it. There are some plants that can be stuck straight in the dirt after being cut and they will grow! If you aren't sure, experiment to see what works.

Christmas Cactus (shown above) can be pinched off a plant and stuck in the dirt. It will begin growing its own roots. Don't forget to water it!

Make this a family activity: Get everyone to make their own cutting and plant it.

This activity promotes awareness of how plants grow.


#326: See a Play or Other Dramatic Performance

'Tis the season for lots of plays and other dramatic performances (like the ballet) to be putting on wonderful shows. Check your local theater or newspaper to see what's playing.

Make this a family activity: Take everyone to see the play, ballet, or show.

This activity promotes an appreciation for the arts.