#264: Teach Your Pet a Trick or a New Trick

Do you have a cat or a dog? Teach them a trick, or if they already know tricks, teach them a new one.

Whoa! Did I say teach your cat a trick? I did. Even cats can learn tricks. I taught my cat to jump through a hoop, sit on a chair, roll over, shake a paw, sit up, and lie down.

Hint: Be gentle and patient and treat them with their favorite treat. It may take a few weeks of training for your pet to learn one trick. It helps to give the pet a hand command (point to the floor if you want them to lie down) as well as a verbal command (say, "lie down").

Make this a family activity: Get together and decide what tricks should be taught.

This activity promotes animal-human bonds and can lead to animal stewardship.

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