#16: Roll Your Coins

If you have a piggy bank full of change, you can roll it up in paper coin rolls (you can get these for free at your bank--or you can buy them in the store). Once they are rolled, take them to the bank.

In Canada:
Pennies (1 cent coin) = 50 pennies in a roll (50 cents)
Nickels (5 cent coin) = 40 nickels in a roll ($2)
Dimes (10 cent coin) = 50 dimes in a roll ($5)
Quarters (25 cent coin) = 40 quarters in a roll ($10)
Loonies (1 dollar coin) = 25 loonies ($25)
Twoonies (2 dollar coin) = 25 twoonies ($50)

This activity promotes the value of money (if we're lucky!) and counting skills.

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