#366: Paper Doll Chain

To make a paper doll chain, you will need paper, a pencil, and scissors.

Fold your paper like an accordion. Start on one end of your paper and fold it up about and inch and a half. Then, flip you paper over and take your inch and a half fold and fold it (as well as the paper over it) up an inch and a half. Flip your paper over and fold the fold up again. Keep going until you are at the end of your paper.

Now, draw half a person on the top fold of your folded paper. Starting on the left fold, draw half a head--the middle of the head will be right at the fold. Draw the neck and body. The arms and legs come next and will reach all the way out to the right fold. Next, cut out your body--make sure you cut through all the folds--but do not cut the folds apart. You should have half a body when you are done.

Unfold. You should have a chain of people holding hands with their feet touching.

Make this a family activity: Have everyone make a chain that is 'them' and put all the chains together in a big family. You can buy a large frame at a second hand store to place your family chains into and hang them on the wall.

This activity promotes eye hand coordination as well as visualizing abstract concepts.

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