#367: Make a Balloon Stick to the Wall

'Tis the season for static electricity. Why not use it for fun?

Did you know if you rub a balloon in your hair, it will build up static electricity on the balloon's surface, making it able to stick to a wall? Try it!

Make this a family activity: Get everyone adding a balloon to the wall.

This activity promotes curiosity about science.


  1. Oh, this was so fun as a kid! Seeing my brother's hair stand on end was hilarious! :)

  2. ^^ 謝謝你的分享,祝你生活永遠多彩多姿!.........................

  3. TK: It always left me in awe on how the balloon could stick to the wall!

  4. To my multi-lingual friend, thank you for the multicoloured wishes.


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